You want your little one to grow up with lots of positive feelings and opportunities… amazement, friendship, hard work, curiosity, challenge…. you’re in a powerful role to shape their experiences and mold their character.    It’s hard, tiring work.  Congratulations on being intentional.  Congratulations on seeking support so this journey will be a bit smoother.
 Whether you’re looking to gain skills in interacting, managing, and leading your young child before little bumps arrive, or because a bump has come along, this therapy style is for you. Dr. Blevins uses several strong therapy orientations together to give a tailored approach to each family and child. She starts with skills building from Parent-Child Interaction Therapy, adds in specific interventions from Applied Behavior Analysis, and addresses parent stress and cohesiveness with Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.
 Many times this may be the first time your child is seen by a young child behavior specialist.  During the intake for all young children, a comprehensive review of development, medical history, education, behavioral and emotional symptoms, trauma history, and living situation occurs.  This allows Dr. Blevins to give you recommendations for appropriate services outside of just behavior therapy.
 You and Dr. Blevins will discuss a treatment plan that may include further evaluation, targeted treatment, or collaborating with other specialists.  Our goal at Enilda Clinic is to give your family the right support to help your child, yourself, and your other family members move in the direction you value.
 All parents are active participants in all young child therapy sessions. Dr. Blevins uses insight-driven homework and conversations that reinforce commitment to parent-child behavior changes. Quite a lot is required of parents during therapy, both emotionally and energy-wise. With time and progress, many parents find that they experience a greater sense of calmness and relaxation with their children, as well as an ease with child compliance, compared to before therapy.
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