About Dr. Leslie Blevins

I love working with a few types of clients! When I reflected on what draws me to do my best work with these groups, I realized I had a sense of shared struggle and joy with each one- parents, kids, adults with health concerns, and medical providers. I’d like to share with you why I’m choosing you to specialize my practice. Below this story, you’ll get the usual educational info that tells you about my training.

My Story

My childhood in rural Alabama was riddled with poverty and trauma, much like some of the clients with which I work. A thought developed in me as I grew up which said I probably didn’t know how to be a parent and if I had kids I might do them a disservice by being their parent. That’s the best reason I can give you for my career trajectory. My training has truly alleviated that anxiety and reduced the anticipatory guilt I have that I won’t be good enough. I see parents every week who struggle with that same lack of confidence, due to a variety of reasons. I want to give them, and you, the same gift I received. However, your journey is different than mine. You’ll likely have different beliefs about yourself, your child, and your capacities. My training has prepared me to deal with that variety, and I enjoy the challenge and insight of journeying with you to create treatments for you and your child to help your family live out your values.

During my training I fell in love with ABA and learned to apply it to socially significant problems outside the norm: chronic pain, smoking cessation, weight loss, etc. Then I learned ACT, which completed a puzzle for me in understanding behavior, motivation, internal rules we structure our lives by, and mostly: living a life by design. I wasn’t just a clinician, but a user of ACT. Any chains that remained of childhood trauma, or stress from working in medical agencies, or managing migraines, was suddenly thoughtfully reduced. I learned to say no to scary bosses, and feel good about it. I started my own private practice that centers on my values and allows me the daily schedule that helps reduce my chronic migraines. Again, my path won’t be your path. The awesome part of doing therapy with the approaches I believe in is that they are designed to bring out your best.

If you’re interested in my path from Alabama to Washington, here it is:

Dr. Blevins is a psychologist specializing in child psychology, Parenting Leadership, behavioral health for adults, and physician wellness. She is a BCBA-D and uses a behavioral approach that works well for young children, toddlers, and preschoolers, as well as people of all ages who have health concerns or developmental disabilities. Her training includes a strong values focus, through ACT, and she enjoys helping families meet their health and well-being goals. Because of her love for combining mental health with medical health to achieve TOP results, she also enjoys supporting medical professionals to maximize their wellness.

Dr. Blevins is originally from Alabama and studied psychology at Northeastern University in Boston. She served in the Americorps program Teach for America in Baton Rouge for two years, developing a passion for helping youth who have learning and neurodevelopmental difficulties. After completing her national service, she worked with the Louisiana Department of Education on the research team supporting innovative school-turnaround programs through facilitating principal mentorship and obtaining statewide stakeholder support. This experience drove her desire to deepen her understanding of evidence-based practices and using them to better children’s lives.

Dr. Blevins obtained her PhD and masters degrees in school psychology from the University of Georgia. Her research focused on reading behavior and supporting teachers in using the internet to choose evidence-based practices to improve students’ reading. While at UGA she completed numerous practicums, working in schools, private practice, and university clinics. She served as a behavioral teacher’s aide in the UGA Center for Autism and Behavioral Education Research’s model classroom in a local public elementary school. She earned the Board Certification in Applied Behavior Analysis, i.e., BCBA, which is commonly used with people with autism, developmental delays, and young children.

Dr. Blevins internship and postdoctoral training focused on primary care in rural settings. Her internship was at the Munroe-Meyer Institute in Nebraska within a pediatric primary care practice. She received postdoctoral training in the central valley of Washington within a family practice setting, working with both pediatrics and adults.

During Dr. Blevins’ time in the central Washington valley, she developed a second passion: working with adults with health-related behavioral difficulties. She enjoys helping people of all ages find functional improvement from chronic pain, managing chronic illnesses, and through smoking cessation and weight management. Her strong behavior orientation bodes well for helping clients make progress with their health-related goals.

Due to Dr. Blevins’ intimate understanding of the pressures on physicians and other medical providers’, she also offers work-life balance, burnout, and well-being sessions to members of these professions.

Dr. Blevins’ two years in Washington has been filled with amazing people, adventures, and natural beauty. She has enjoyed learning to ski, playing in the snow, and seeing bears and moose. She set her practice in Spokane to allow her to stay in this beautiful part of the country and continue working with her Washington neighbors._

The city of Spokane at sunrise.