Parenting Leadership Services

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Individual parenting support therapy… for those wanting specialized, individual support targeting attachment approaches and interventions that reduce child behavior problems and increase parental & child well-being. Call 509-844-0002 to schedule.


Parenting Consultations for specific child problems… for those not yet ready for the commitment to therapy. This would be appropriate for investigating a plan to treat a sleep or toileting problem or other targeted need. Call 509-844-0002 to schedule.


Parenting Groups… to boost social support and learn new skills while developing self-acceptance and reducing parenting guilt. Targets include reducing barriers to engaging in attachment approaches, increasing parental well-being, and using effective behavior management strategies for general child difficulties. Complete the forms below for groups in which you are interested.


Find what works for you and your family to help you and your child feel your best… because parenting is hard.


Parent Leadership Group Therapy

Group Therapy allows parents/caregivers from multiple families to join together to learn strategies, build insight, and develop self-compassion. The unique advantage of this model is the peer support and motivation to try new strategies and to keep up your perseverance with strategies that may take a bit longer to work, as well as gaining a sense of validation that being a parent, who feels stressed or just wants to grow, is normal. The model includes direction, intervention, and moderation by Dr. Blevins to ensure therapeutic gains targeted toward parenting wellness. The therapy includes aspects of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, a values and action flexibility approach. It also includes aspects of Applied Behavior Analysis, a method founded on the principles of behavior and learning.

These sessions individualize goals and target treatment for each set of parents/caregivers. The target of these groups will not be to treat mental illness in the parent participants; thus, the groups will not meet criteria for insurance reimbursement. Many companies have wellness programs that will pay for a portion or all of these sessions.

There are 6 sessions in total. They are structured to build off each other, so attendance for each session is ideal and helpful for you to get the most of your commitment to yourself and your family through this therapy.

Fall scheduling is happening now. A wait list is used on a first-come first-served basis. New rounds will begin every couple months. Because this is a peer-support model, Dr. Blevins will give you a questionnaire to complete before offering you a spot. This will help her determine which group, if any, might best meet your needs or if a different referral might be more appropriate.

Cost: $900 for two parents/caregivers for six 2-hour sessions.

This is equivalent to $37.50 per person/ per hour, which is typical for many people’s co-pays when going to therapy.

If you’re a single parent and will be attending alone, a discount is offered: The cost is $600 for the six 2-hour sessions.

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Fathers Lunchtime Online Group

This 30-minute weekly online therapy group for fathers works to help dads process the stressors, joys, and skills needed to be the fathers that they want to be. We do this with peer support and efficient skill building during your lunch hour.

The group is ongoing and has a monthly membership fee of $100. There is membership cap and acceptance of a new member will occur when a current member graduates out.

We have current openings!

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Father's Name
I would like to start therapy from 12:30 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. on Thursdays starting this date:
I would like to start therapy from 12:30 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. on Thursdays starting this date:

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Parent Leadership Seminars

Seminars are 2-hour events that are free to the community. They occur periodically across the year and occasionally if requested by an organization. The focus and topics of seminars vary depending on the needs identified for the audience. Keep an eye on the events page of for future seminars!